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Setting Up Your E-Mails On A Ipad

1. On the home screen of the iPad, click on the SETTINGS icon


2. Select MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS from the left hand menu


3. Select ADD ACCOUNT... which should be under the Accounts heading in the main section of the screen




5. Enter the following details:




Domain: (leave this blank)




Password: your e-mail accounts password


(Note - the password is case sensitive so make sure the iPad doesn’t automatically capitalise the first letter)


Description: (enter whatever you want to name the account, such as: Work Email)


6. Hit the NEXT button in the top right hand corner


7. The iPad will verify the account information, once verified; it will add a new field called SERVER that you need to enter the following into:



8. Once you've entered the server address, hit NEXT again. This will re-verify all details.


9. You will then get to choose if you want to sync your mail, contacts and calendars from your email account down to the iPad - I recommend syncing the mail and calendars. You can sync your contacts if you wish to, also. Click SAVE once you've chosen what you want to sync and this will add your new account.


10. You should be back at the MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS screen and you should see your new email account with the name that you set in the Description field in step 5, above. Click on your new account.


11. Tap on MAIL DAYS TO SYNC and select 1 month, then click DONE.


12. Your email account is now setup and you can press the home button to return to the home screen and then click on the MAIL icon to open and view your emails.