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Performing a LEAP Office10 Upgrade Assessment

LEAP Office10 is an upgrade to the LEAP Accounting 2003 and LEAP Documents 2003 applications used by law firms. The upgrade to LEAP Office10 must be performed by either a LEAP IT Partner or a LEAP Consultant. All upgrades are scheduled in at least a week in advance by LEAP once this assessment has been completed and all computers and servers are verified to meet the LEAP system requirements.


Follow the below steps to perform a LEAP Upgrade Assessment:

  1. Download the LEAP Online Assessment Tool LEAPPreInstallA.exe from the LEAP website
  2. Save the file to either a USB Thumb Drive or a network drive that is available on all computers.
  3. Run the file on every computer and server. When prompted enter your firm name and click next:LEAP Office10 Firm Name
  4. Select the role of the computer that is being scanned. If the audit is running on the server enter the total number of LEAP licenses you have in the connected users field and click next.LEAP Office10 Machine Role
  5. Select your email configuration, if you are not sure what this is leave this at Don't Know. If you have a standard Small Business Server 2002, 2008 or 2011 then select Microsoft Exchange and click next. LEAP Office10 Email Configuration
  6. List any additional software that may integrate with LEAP or affect the performance of LEAP Office10 and click finnish.LEAP Office10 Additional Software
  7. The tool will then scan the computers software and hardware and generate a report on compliance with the LEAP system requirements. In order for the LEAP upgrade to be scheduled this report needs to be exported verified by a LEAP IT Partner or LEAP Consultant. To export the report select file then exportEAP Office10 Audit Export
  8. Select either the USB thumb drive or network drive where the Audit file was downloaded to and save a copy of the audit with the same name as the computer. This needs to occur on every desktop and server that will run LEAP Office10 including the bookkeepers machine.LEAP Office10 Save XML
  9. Once the audit has been run on all computers and servers the export files need to be attached to an email and sent to your LEAP IT Partner or LEAP Consultant for review. To do this open up a new email and add into the to filed. Select the paperclip attach button and select all of the audit export files that were created and attach them to the email. Complete the subject and body and click send.LEAP Office10 Email XML Files
  10. You should then receive a response within 2 days on the compatibility to upgrade to LEAP Office10.


Please refer to the LEAP website for updated information of LEAP Office10 or changes to the upgrade or audit process.


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