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Setting a Google Apps vacation response

A vacation or out of office assistant message is used when you are away from the office or on leave and want a return message to go back to people that send you an email letting them know that you are unavailable. These messages typically include the date that you will be back at work as well as an alternate contact is the message is urgent.

Follow the below steps to set your Google Apps vacation message:

  1. Log into the Google Apps web interface for your email account using your username and password. The web interface can be reached at<your domain name> for example If you use the above website address methos your username will be the part of your email address before the @ symbol, e.g. <username>
  2. Once logged in select the options icon (gear at the top right hand side of the window) and select mail settingsGoogle Apps Settings Button
  3. In the mail settings window on the general tab scroll down to the vacation message section and complete the vacation message, subject and start (and optional) end date. Ensure that the vacation message is switched on then click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the screen.Google Appos Vacation Message Screen
  4. Your vacation message should now be activated (unless it was set to start on a future date). If you go back to your inbox a message is displayed at the top of the screen to verify that the vacation message is active.Google Apps Vacation Message Turned On
  5. If you return from work early or would like to turn off your vacation message follow the same process as enabling the vacation message except set tghe vacation message responder to off instead of on.

Refer to for further information or contact your local Google Apps Reseller