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Setting Up Citrix Access on iPads

Access to deskscaler via an iPad is done from within the Citrix Receiver app - not via the browser like it is on a desktop. Once the citrix receiver application is installed, open the app and follow these steps:

  1. Click the + symbol (top right) if the add account wizard hasn’t opened

  2. On the new account screen, minimise the keyboard and select Options (bottom left)

  3. Choose manual setup

  4. Address:

  5. Description: (whatever the user wants)

  6. Change XenApp Services to Access Gateway

  7. Choose Enterprise Edition (this selection menu only pops up once you’ve selected Access gateway in step 6)

  8. Username: (normal deskscaler username)

  9. Password: (normal deskscaler password)

  10. Domain: Deskscaler

  11. Leave the rest of the settings as they are and click Save (top right)

You will now see the account in the little man icon menu (top right) and you can click the desktop icon in the middle of the screen, of expand the left hand sidebar if multiple published apps/desktops exist for this login.

You can click the + icon again to add more accounts and you select them from the little man icon menu by clicking their name to toggle between them

When finished using citrix, your session will only be disconnected, not logged off. To fully log off (recommended) click the Log off link in the top left corner of the little man icon menu which will log off any active sessions and close the citrix receiver application.