A trustworthy and reputable IT (Managed Services) Provider plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Without the right MSP, you are more likely to encounter struggles with day-to-day technology (help with a password reset, anyone?) and of course, you’ll be susceptible to larger challenges such as network breaches or loss of data. 


Is your current provider trustworthy and reputable? How do you know when it’s time to change IT providers? The fact you’re still reading this blog, even considering switching, is a fairly good indication that the time is now. 

There’s a multitude of reasons why now is the perfect time to switch. Maybe your business needs more visibility over your IT systems or your incumbent provider takes no accountability for providing this? Maybe your contract is up for renewal, and you’re tired of paying the same fixed fees or maybe, you’ve simply had it in with your shady provider. 


Whatever the reason, despite what your current provider may be telling you, switching providers is not difficult. Competent providers will be able to complete the switch in less than a week, with no business downtime.

Things to consider when switching I.T. providers:

Where do they want to host your data, in a private or public cloud (hint: never let a vendor trap your data in a private cloud).

Will they provide regular IT audits of your hardware, licenses, subscriptions etc?

Are they still charging fixed fees with non-itemised billing (it’s 2021 people, wake up!).

Are they going to be running non-interruptive, scheduled, proactive maintenance?

Do they bundle multiple products together so they can hide fees in products and services that don’t actually exist (welp, your current provider is probably doing this).

If you’re considering making the switch, make it to Myrtec.

At Myrtec, a typical customer cutover takes less than a day with no downtime. We have no onboarding fee. Once a new customer is set up in our Help Desk, all of their employees are given access to our Customer Only Portal where they can lodge a ticket online, send us an email or call and speak directly to an Engineer. 

Our Managed Services Agreements (FLEX Agreements) are designed to accommodate businesses with up to 200 employees. FLEX costs are broken into two parts: the small cost for the Myrtec Agent, which is used for proactive IT services and data collection, and then support fees based on consumption. We’ve progressed beyond lock ins and fixed fees, and introduced a scalable, hybrid, month-to-month approach so that you can have your IT, your way. If you’re ready to level up, request a FLEX proposal today.