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When we think of innovation, what we picture in our heads are the cutting-edge and flashy futuristic like gadgets. Some examples of the things that we perceive as innovations are jetpacks, cars that fly or a computer that does everything you want at home. Most of the times, these innovations cost a lot more than what you can afford.

What if you can get the same quality as these innovative gadgets for a lot cheaper price? Does this sound too good to be true?

A lot of nonprofit organizations today think that upgrades or changes in the way they do things are something that they can’t afford to do. Due to the limitations of the budget and staff time, they feel that they are also, to some extent, limited in their use of technology.

Some research shows that nonprofits can successfully implement, integrate and use technology to innovate in a more subtle way. Some of the problems you encounter in nonprofits have easy solutions, but don’t expect smooth sailing with every turn of a corner. In fact, most of these non profits that are successfully operating with IT integration had some help from outside their organization.

It does not require a lot of money to take advantage of the benefits that technology provides. That is why we are here at Myrtec, we can show you that there are a lot easily accessible and very affordable IT services online that can really change the way you serve the community.

At Myrtec, we are committed to giving our clients the tools, resources and knowledge they need to integrate technology into their business strategies. We take responsibility for delivering results and endeavor to build long-term business partnerships with our clients.

Yes, knowing the technologies available to help your organization is an important step; it’s not the only one. Start with an understanding of your needs and issues, then, visit our website or contact us so we can provide you with our best IT solutions that are innovative, uncomplicated and individually tailored to suit your unique needs.