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Referred to as “Big Blue”, IBM has proven to be a leader in providing cutting-edge technology for organisations seeking cost-effective yet highly scalable and effective systems.

A trusted partner for organisations around the globe, IBM’s commitment to technology innovation is legendary. Leveraging extensive expertise gained from thousands of customer engagements, IBM can offer innovations today that best suit business requirements now and in the future.

Myrtec leverage IBM's x Series range of Intel servers to deliver business value and reduces costs for clients through industry-leading scalability, virtualisation and management capabilities.

System x Server solutions are the result of a design for building proven IBM innovation around industry-standard components. Solutions that span feature-rich, scalable enterprise x86 servers to rack-optimized servers designed for business productivity to entry-level tower servers. IBM differentiates itself in the crowded x86 marketplace by offering high value offerings that are easy to deploy and manage, leadership quality and service, and leading technology.