Microsoft Teams Lists is a smart tool that helps teams to organise, track and manage their workflow. Teams Lists can be used for countless different scenarios; from organising your team’s tasks, to managing schedules to keeping track of assets. 

Let’s get started

1. But how do you set up a list in Teams? Lists is a feature you can find in your Team channels. Click the + sign on the right side of your tabs to view all of your options. 

2. From here, you will have a list of options for new tabs you can add to your channel. Take a look around as there are many useful features you can take advantage of for your Channel, but the tab that we are interested in today is Lists. Click Lists then click Save.

3. Once you have added Lists into your channel you will find a new tab called Lists. From here, if you use Lists in SharePoint you can add it by clicking ‘Add an existing list’ and entering the URL of the SharePoint list. Your other option is to create a new list by clicking ‘Create a List’.

4. If you click ‘Create a List,’ you have many options to create a list spanning from using a Blank list, importing a list from Excel, creating a copy of an existing list or selecting from one of the many preset templates provided.

Once you have selected how you would like to create the List, it’s now up to you to decide how you’d like to format the list. We recommend you have a play around with different features and decide which will work best for your team.