Microsoft Teams has a feature that allows you to record your Teams meetings. This is especially useful if someone was absent from your meeting or if you were ever re-visiting that same topic again. 

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Recording your team meetings on the Teams Desktop app is simple. 


1. Once you are in your meeting you can select the “More Actions” button represented by 3 dots near the top right side of the calls window. 


2. Next you will have a dropdown menu with a list of useful features but the one you are looking for in this instance is “Start Recording”. Once selected, all call attendees will be notified that the call is now being recorded.


If the call ends the recording will be stopped automatically but if you wish to stop the recording earlier you can do this by:


1. Select the “More Actions” 3 dots in the top right hand of your call window.


2. This time you will either have a “Stop Recording” or “Stop Transcription” button where the “Start Recording” button used to be. Click on Stop Recording/ Stop Transcription to finish your recording.

Once you have finished your recording you will need to know where you can find it. 

Where the meeting saves is dependent on your meeting type:

If it was a channel meeting you will be able to find the recording saved in Sharepoint

If your meeting is a channel your meeting recording can also be found in the meeting chat or channel conversation

Any other meeting type you can find the recording saved within your OneDrive under “Recordings”

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