You’re not alone when you say you are disappointed to learn that your IT provider was acquired.


When it comes to your Managed IT service, your provider effectively holds the keys to your operations in their hands. And typically, you’ll have a relationship with them that’s been built on years of trust.


So what should you do when they sell out, taking these keys, along with your trust with them?

1. Don’t be pressured into re-signing

Never make a rash decision based on what seems to be the most convenient, this is your business we’re talking about…

It doesn’t matter how ‘complex’ or ‘unique’ your provider is telling you your technical infrastructure is because you could easily find another provider who can manage it. This is because IT systems are like cars. Sure, you may already have a mechanic, but if you visit a new one, they can still get your engine revving. 


So when they hand you the pen and paper and you need to sign here – understand that no, you actually don’t need to do that.

2. Do your research

It’s time for the fun part…

Now that you understand you have options, it’s time to review what these are. Have a Google, ask your network and most importantly, go out and meet people! Face-to-face meetings are what we recommend because it shows that they are a) actually keen, b) local, and c) allows you to gauge someones personality in a way that you simply cannot via email. 


Once you’ve met with a few people, and gathered a few proposals, you can start to work out which provider is the most willing to align themselves with your business.

3. Make your final decision… 

The key takeaway: never resign your IT contract because it seems like the ‘easy’ option…

Is staying with your existing provider in your businesses best interest? Have you discussed what the price increase will be, how they are going to provide (and bill) onsite support and who your new Account Manager will be? 


If you are unsatisfied with their answers, then here is everything you need to know about switching IT providers.

Think of this as an opportunity to level up your business. Save money, take ownership and gain visibility over your IT systems. Go with local. Go with Myrtec. Newcastle owned and operated since 2009.