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Say goodbye to your server

Say goodbye to your server

Stop wasting money on old servers and transition your company to the cloud. It is time to say goodbye to your server for good. If your server is slowing down or near the end of its useful life, don’t put your business at risk.

At its most basic level cloud computing involves moving your computer applications and programs to the Internet rather than your desktop or server. The requirements to run production servers onsite are quickly diminishing with companies now looking to the cloud to fulfill their IT needs. The cloud offers a number of benefits to business including:

  • Reduce Capital Expenditure - Pay only for what you use on a monthly basis
  • Improved Security - Higher levels of encryption and monitoring to help protect data
  • Increase Business Agility - Scale resources up and down to take advantage of opportunities
  • Enhance Productivity - Increase staff productivity through collaboration and workflow
  • Increase Mobility - Work from any location at any time from any device
  • Better Predict IT Costs - Take control of your IT budget with consistent costs. No more surprise bills

What can the cloud actually achieve? There are some examples of how clients have used the cloud to benefit their business:

  • Email - Migrate emails to Google Apps or Office 365. Both have great SPAM filters and massive storage quotas and the emails can be accessed from most devices.
  • Data Storage - Migrate all file server data to SharePoint or Google Drive. Files can then be accessed via a web browser. The cost of online storage is continuing to drop with prices less than 10c per GB per month.
  • Microsoft Office - Transition word and excel documents to Google Drive which allows for online editing of documents eliminating the need to run and purchase Microsoft Office for each desktop. To save even more replace the desktops with Chromebooks for significant savings over standard desktops and laptops.
  • Desktop Applications - Migrate to DeskScaler or AWS Workspaces to run a fully hosted cloud desktop environment. All processing and data storage occurs in the cloud. This replaces the local server and turned the desktops into this clients. It also eliminates the need to replace old computers or servers removing significant capital costs. Desktops can then be replaced with much cheaper thin clients as required.

Myrtec is a leading national Managed IT and Cloud Services Provider that offers proactive IT  support, 24x7 help desk services, strategic IT consulting services, hosted cloud desktops and managed cloud services. Our clients are small , medium and large businesses within Australia and the APAC region, operating across a broad range of industries.

Like to know how the cloud can benefit your business, please call 1300 131 539 or contact Myrtec for a free 1 hour consultation with a cloud solutions consultant.