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SharePoint migration involves moving data from on-premises SharePoint Server document libraries and local file shares to Microsoft 365. The SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) simplifies this process, allowing users to migrate files from file shares, SharePoint sites, or support bulk migrations. 

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Following best practices is crucial for a successful migration, including a high-level timeline, off-work hours or weekends, and creating a communications plan. Choosing the best SharePoint migration tool for an organisation’s needs is essential.

What to do Before Sharepoint Migration?

The SharePoint migration process involves assessing the current environment, identifying content and data needs, defining migration goals and objectives, setting success criteria, creating a migration timeline, and allocating resources and responsibilities. 


To ensure a smooth migration, organisations should assess their existing content and data, identify customizations and configurations, define migration goals and objectives, set success criteria, and break down the migration process into phases.


Choosing the best SharePoint migration tool, such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) and ShareGate Desktop, is crucial for a successful migration.

How to Select the Perfect Sharepoint Migration Strategy?

SharePoint migration options include on-premises to cloud migration, SharePoint version upgrades, and full migration. Choosing the appropriate migration approach depends on the organisation’s business needs and goals. Lift-and-shift migration involves moving content without changes, while modernization involves updating content to take advantage of new features in the target environment.


Full migration involves moving all content from the source environment to the target environment, while selective migration moves only relevant or frequently used content. The right migration tool is crucial for addressing specific challenges and ensuring smooth transitions between the two environments.

How to do Backup During Sharepoint Migration?

Creating backup copies of the source environment is crucial for ensuring data safety during migration, protecting against data loss or corruption. This also allows for quick recovery in case of failures. Documenting contingency procedures and involving IT support for technical assistance can help address unexpected issues and ensure the migration process stays on track. 


Involving IT support for technical assistance can also help mitigate risks. Implementing a backup and disaster recovery solution is also recommended to protect migrated data and content, ensuring a successful migration.

What are Post Migration Adjustments?

Performance tuning and optimization are crucial for ensuring the new environment performs as expected. Monitoring system performance post-migration involves analysing resources like CPU usage, memory usage, and disk space. Addressing performance bottlenecks can improve system performance by adjusting configurations or customizations. 


Continually improving user experience involves gathering feedback and making adjustments to ensure the new environment meets user needs. Iterative refinement of configurations and customizations can also enhance the user experience and optimise the new environment for the organisation’s needs.


It is essential to note that post-migration optimization is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and adjustment.


Mastering the art of SharePoint migration is pivotal for a successful transition to a more streamlined and efficient digital workspace. By adhering to the best practices outlined here, you’re poised to navigate this journey with confidence. 


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