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Hydroflow Solutions slashes SAP test and dev costs with Amazon Web Services

Hydroflow Solutions


Hydroflow Solutions services the Newcastle, Hunter & Illawarra Regions and the Australian Mining Industry with professional pumping solutions. They have extensive experience with design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and performance monitoring of pumping systems and operate from a head office located in Cardiff NSW.



Hydroflow Solutions were required to implement a new SAP environment for test and development purposes. The environment needed to be deployed quickly to meet operational deadlines.

The existing hardware running the production SAP and Database instances did not have enough capacity to run a new test instance. While increasing the capacity of the hardware was possible the costs and timeline required were not achievable within the project scope.



Hydroflow Solutions engaged Myrtec, an Amazon Web Services partner to deploy a new test environment within Amazon Web Services.


The solution was based on compute services running on Amazon Web Services EC2 instances with data storage in S3 and regular system snapshotting to allow the system to be restored back to a base install after an update has been performed. The system was configured to be automatically started and shutdown based on the project teams work schedule.


Remote access was provided to the instances within the VPC to the SAP software vendor and Hydroflow Solutions staff to enable testing of the SAP application. Myrtec provided ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the Amazon Web Services environment during the project.



The Amazon Web Services solution provided a solution that could be deployed very quickly to allow the project to stay within schedule without the high capital costs associated with the purchase of additional hardware and software.


Running the environment within a virtualized cloud environment also provides significant flexibility to the project team to be able to test and roll back the environment as required.

The solution costs were significantly less than deploying in house hardware with the Amazon Web Services solution just over 20% of the cost of deploying a comparable hardware based solution.