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Your Online Brand

Your Online Brand

The Internet presents businesses with new ways to build a reputation and develop professional credibility that extends beyond the online community. Through the use of innovative technologies, Myrtec can help your business create a professional image and engage clients online.

Client Engagement

A variety of online technologies are available to businesses seeking to engage with their clients online. Social media marketing uses multiple platforms to converse with prospective clients online. By creating information relevant to these prospects, businesses can add value to their users while capitalising on the low-cost, immediate nature of social media. A well-formulated strategy uses social media platforms frequently visited by your target market and encourages your clients to spread your message for you. Online communications are generally an open dialogue, allowing businesses to listen more easily to what clients are saying about their business. This presents an opportunity to leverage new ways of communicating with clients and build your brand online.


An effective online presence is critical to enhancing the accessibility of your business. A well designed website allows clients to find you online easily and can help make your business accessible to new markets. Through the process of search engine optimisation, more potential clients can be driven to your website from search engines such as Google. Ultimately, this results in higher numbers of motivated and interested clients visiting your website. Search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising will also help increase the traffic on your website, and allows return on investment to be measured easily.

Create Expertise & Reputation

Sharing your expertise online is an innovative way to develop your reputation and gain credibility. Establishing yourself as an expert through blogging can help to extend your brand and get your business found more easily on the web. Through consistent and regular blogging, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise and develop a reputation that extends beyond the online community. Commenting on other blogs can also help to drive traffic back to your website and increase your visibility online.

Online blogging can be complimented by the submission of articles or press releases to online or hard copy publications. Myrtec work closely with experienced marketing professionals to provide our clients with expert advice in the development and maintenance of both online and traditional marketing strategies.