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Workflow Automation... what is it and why does my business need it?

Question: Who likes to waste billable time?

Answer: Absolutely no one!

Sage claims that Australian Business Owners spends an estimated 81 days out of the year completing basic administrative tasks. That’s a lot of time that could have been spent completing billable work! 

Ideally, employees should be spending most of their workday client-facing or fulfilling their services. However, due to having to complete internal administrative tasks, employees are spending time away from the avenues that allow for business development and revenue growth. 

What could make my life easier? 

You know when you are trying to organise a meeting with a current or prospective client? Organising that time over the phone is constant back and forth: Does this date suit you? No? What about this date and time? Get rid of it! A better way to orchestrate this process is by sending your clients a link to your calendar using the Bookings app that is included in most Office 365 subscriptions. This means that they can look at when you are free and book you in for a time that suits them – hassle-free. 

How could we save even more time? 

Well... have you heard of workflow automation? The best way to go about starting the workflow automation process is to look at the tasks that you complete daily, the ones that you must remember to complete and are typically a cause for a headache. Some examples of what these might be? Leave requests, stationery orders, capturing client data into your CRM or even asking a client for feedback.  

What are the benefits of workflow automation? 

Automating your workflows will allow you to be as efficient as possible so you can focus on the work that matters, while your other tasks are happening seamlessly in the background. Want to get ahead of the game? Read more about how Myrtec implements automated workflows here