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Introducing Tech Tuesdays!

Every week we will be sharing technology services/ industry updates and new devices and explaining which ones we think you should integrate into your businesses structure.

For our first week, we wanted to share what we love about Microsoft 365 Business Premium. The office apps allow you to be productive from anywhere.

Some of our favourites include:

- Microsoft Teams 

A virtual chatroom you can use to engage in conversation with your coworkers individually and in group chats or calls.

- Microsoft Sharepoint 

A Cloud-based service designed to be a secure place that you can access, share, store and organise your data.

- Microsoft Exchange

An email, calendaring, contact and collaboration platforms with accessibility across mobile, desktop and web-based systems.

- Microsoft Intune

Another Cloud-based service which focuses specifically on mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM).

Not only will Premium give you access to these services, but you will also be able to use the classic Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher.

We consider the biggest benefits of using M365 Business Premium to be:

- Accessibility to your files from anywhere

- Secure Cloud Storage

- Team collaboration

- App integration

- Automatic upgrades

- Predictable spending

Did you know that at Myrtec, we can not only implement but offer workshops and training for the 365 Business Suite? Contact us and we can book in a time to give you an onsite demo.