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Why Your Business Needs Custom Domains

Welcome back for another week of Tech Tuesdays.

Is your business frustrated with your existing email provider? Having difficulties both sending and receiving emails can mean that gaining and retaining business is a huge challenge. 

Myrtec is able to eradicate this issue by converting your business to custom email domains being hosted on software such as Microsoft. But what does this mean?

Custom domains use the name of your company to generate your company email addresses, versus using a generic one from your provider. 

This gives your business established credibility and reinforces your businesses identity. Customers will feel more validated getting business from you. 

Additionally, this makes gives your business more visibility, because people will know what to search in order to find your website.

Having an IT provider you trust to create custom domains means that you do not need to stress about privacy, confidentiality, control and security.

Check out our case study on custom domains here - HOW MYRTEC HELPED A SMALL BUSINESS CONVERT TO CUSTOM EMAIL DOMAINS - Myrtec

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