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Top 10 Cloud Tools for Accountants

By Tristan Hough

There is no doubt that an increasing part of being an accountant revolves around having up to date information so you can give your clients the right advice.

With the growth of Xero, Most accounting forms have embraced cloud computer to a degree, but a lot are cautious and are still investigating further adoption of cloud technology..

By making the transition from an office bound compliance or audit processor to a work from anywhere business advisor then you should start practicing what you preach to your clients.

These are the 10 essential cloud business tools you can use to help you run a more efficient accounting or bookkeeping practice.

1. Google Apps

If there is a tool out there that will change the way you work, it’s Google Apps. This tool offers you a lot of apps/tools you can use like: Email, shared calendars, online document storage, and video meetings. It’s just like having your own office online that goes with you wherever you are.

With Google Apps you are able to create documents and spreadsheets using Google drive, collaborate with your team or clients instantly using Google Hangout.

The great thing about this is that all you need is an internet connection; it doesn’t matter if you are in your office, your clients office or even working from home. You can access all these using your personal computer, laptops, and even your mobile phone. How convenient is that?

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a great way to store and synchronize files.

It allows users to store documents in the cloud, share files, and edit documents with collaborators. Google Drive includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.

With Google drive you can eliminate the need to run a local file server and have access to client reports and files from any location.

3. Xero Practice Manager

Xero Practice Manager helps you with managing your practice online. It delivers all the jobs, time, and invoice management specifically to accountants and bookkeepers. It does not only do that, it can also connect to Xero. This way it will help you control your cash flow and increase your business’ visibility.

4. Xero Workpapers

This is an online tool that makes it easier and faster to process your compliance work. It automatically connects with Xero, meaning there will be double handling of work. You can also use this to share and review jobs simultaneously with your customers from anywhere. Wouldn’t that make your life a lot easier?

Workpapers is an online tool that makes it much easier and faster to process your compliance work. It connects seamlessly with Xero, so there is no double-handling of work. You can also collaborate with your clients online, by sharing and reviewing jobs simultaneously from anywhere.

5. Mailchimp

You need to make sure that you are regularly kept in touch with your clients through your newsletter. Mailchimp is a cloud based solution for delivering mass emails and newsletters. This service allows you to keep a central database of your prospects and to keep in contact with them with relevant information.

6. Receipt Bank

A great thing about Receipt Bank is that you will no longer need to keep copies of receipts. This cloud service means that you can digitize your documents and then import them directly into Xero.

This means that it will be easier to organize all the documents you have.

7. Desk Scaler

Deskscaler is a cloud service that can help you enhance business productivity by migrating your business applications to a cloud hosted desktop. This can help you improve workforce mobility and overcome the challenges of maintaining IT infrastructure.

By replacing your desktop with an cloud hosted virtual desktop, you can easily access your production or legacy applications such as Handisoft, MYOB AO or AE or APS from any location on any device. Not only is this convenient but also very secure. If you are using Xero for practice management you can then host your old pracice management system in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere. If you are running a server/desktop based practice management system it can be migrated to a cloud hosted desktop and bundled with file servers, Microsoft Office and email for a full productivity suite for a fixed monthly cost (and no more physical servers).

Deskscaler manages the integrity of the network, servers, data backups and security for you, simplifying your systems and reducing your overall IT costs.

8. Spotlight Reporting

If you want to make reporting easy, Spotlight Reporting is for you! This tool can quickly create very stylish and useful reports to present the guidelines and KPIs to your clients.

9. Hootsuite

If you want to keep up with your social networking tasks while minimising the time required to be social then you will want hootsuite. It is like an all in one dashboard where you can manage multiple social accounts.

Using this tool you will be able to schedule posts and monitor your engagement for each social network platform. This way it will be more organized than managing them all individually.

10. DocuSign

The DocuSign is a service that can help you prepare and send documents for an electronic signature quickly. All you need to do is upload the document from one of your file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, enter the email add of the person you want to send it to and then add DocuSign tags where you want the person to sign and send it off! It’s just that easy!


Well, those are 10 of the best services to help you with your business and that are currently available on the cloud right now. No matter how straight forward these services may be, you will always need some support with implementing these to your business.

Making changes to to the way your company operates can be a big deal. However it doesn’t need to be if you have the right partner. Myrtec specialise in cloud solutions for accountants and are partners with Xero, Microsoft, Google Apps and Amazon Web Services. Please contact our office if you would like any more information on migrating to the cloud or to organise a cloud readiness assessment.


Tristan Hough

Managing Director

With over ten years professional experience in both private and public organisations, Tristan provides consulting, project management and strategic planning services to a broad range of industries including financial, healthcare and legal.

Tristan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (IT Major) degree from Southern Cross University, as well as IT industry qualifications including MCSE, MCDBA and CCNA certifications.