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The Office 365 apps your workplace should be using… but probably isn’t

Your Office 365 subscription includes so much more than Word, Outlook and Excel. Today we thought it would be a great idea to run you through the apps you have probably never really had the time to explore, but you definitely should. I mean you’re already licensed to use them…?

*All of these apps are available in Microsoft 365 Standard and above.

1.  SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management system designed to facilitate modern and productive teamwork. It allows you to create separate ‘sites’ for different projects, teams, divisions with separate permissions so a team leader can determine who gets to view what sites. 

It’s cloud-based, meaning your employees can effortlessly access their files and work from anywhere, with the security of knowing that everything is backed up when online. 

2. Forms

Forms allows you to create customisable surveys that you can set up to be administered both internally and/or externally. It’s a simple way to collate information (new client onboardings, feedback etc.). Keeping this data within your Office 365 stack means you can automate follow up communications and add the information into your CRM with ease. 

3. Bookings

Constantly going back and forth with customers? Can you do Tuesday morning? Nope? What about Tuesday afternoon? It’s exhausting, not to mention unnecessarily time-consuming. Bookings is synced with your Outlook calendar, so you simply send people your link, and they can book you in for a time you’re both free- even with buffer room so you can get to and from the office! You’ll never look back once you start using Bookings.

4. Planner

Planner allows you to create content-rich task cards with files, checklists, labels and then they can be colour coded, assigned to separate people and categorized into separate projects. It’s a modern diary that will have you, and your staff, on top of your tasks in no time (how could you not, when it sends reminders straight to your inbox!).

5. Power Automate 

Power Automate! It's easily what appears as the most intimidating app on this list. But Power Automate uses low-code, drag and drop tools to allow you to automate your mundane and repetitive tasks with ease. Remember in point 2 when we were talking about Forms? How great would it be if every time someone completes your onboarding form, it sends you an email to let you know it’s happened, while in the background, this data has been automatically added to your CRM so no administrative tasks are double-handed or left with room for error? Well with Power Automate you can do this yourself. It’s beyond simple and it will have you saving time, thereby boosting efficiency in no time. 

So there you have it! The apps you’ve always seen, but never stopped to try. To optimise your Office subscription, we recommend you keep as much of you data in the Office apps as possible. This will allow you to integrate your apps and create the most effective workflows possible. 

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