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Single email logins- convenient or too much trouble?

Welcome back for another week of Tech Tuesdays.

Does your business make the mistake of relying on a singular email login for all of your employees? It is often believed that having one email login for your business equals boosted productivity and convenience. 

However, here is a list of problems you may encounter if you entrust all of your employees to use a singular email account:

- If one person has trouble logging in, then all employees can be locked out, losing billable hours or business for the whole organisation,
- You would need to remember to reset the login details every time an employee leaves your business so that they no longer have access to your account and confidential information,
- Internal information cannot be secured, unlike how having separate accounts would allow you to create a separate set of permissions for each user,
- If an employee accidentally deletes a file on the account, it will be gone for everyone.

Sounds dangerous, doesn't it?

At Myrtec, we encourage all of our clients to create separate email accounts for each of their employees that have custom domains. If your business needs help setting these up, email

Check out our case study on custom domains here.