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Should my business move into the Cloud?

Customers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. This means they are choosing to support the businesses that are taking the lead on corporate social responsibility. If your business is still leaving a paper trail behind you, you are going to be seeing your clients walk out the door. 

How should my business store our documents then?

In the Cloud of course! Cloud storage is the action of saving data and files to an off-site location that you access over the internet. Services such as Gmail, Skype and OneDrive all use the Cloud. Cloud storage offers a cost-effective, scalable alternative to storing files on-premises. The cloud also acts as a backup server to protect you and your information from hard drive malfunctions and malicious hackers.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cost Savings

One of the most appealing reasons for making the switch to Cloud storage is the cost savings. With the Cloud, you only pay for the storage capacity you use. This allows your businesses to treat Cloud storage costs as an ongoing operating expense instead of a capital expense.

Ease of Use

Cloud storage is simple to get up and running. Rather than having to download and install software yourself; in the Cloud, this is done for you. Saving files in the cloud means all your files are accessible from any device that has Internet connection, so you can share and transfer files with ease.

Off-site Management

Your cloud provider assumes responsibility for maintaining and protecting your stored data. This frees your staff from tasks associated with storage; such as procurement, installation, administration, and maintenance. As such, your staff can focus on their key priorities.

Agility, Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud storage offers much more flexibility compared to traditional on-premises methods. With data stored online, employees can work from home or the office in the same working environment. The Cloud offers automatic scalable resources using an on-demand basis. Making changes to your on-premises services can take months, in the Cloud, this can be processed in minutes.

Disaster Recovery

While most businesses already have a backup storage plan; Cloud storage provides complete disaster recovery for all data stored in the Cloud. Storing data off-site supports your businesses continuity in the event of file corruption, hard drive failures, and even natural disasters. 

So there you have it! All the reasons why we believe your business should be in the Cloud. Want to learn more? Read about Myrtec's Cloud Services here