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SharePoint, OneDrive and Acronis Explained

We all know that technology is often confusing, overwhelming and downright frustrating. At Myrtec, we are here to take this weight off your shoulders.

For this week’s Tech Tuesday we're taking a look at Microsoft’s Cloud-based services. You’ve more than likely already heard of OneDrive, a cloud space for individuals to store document, photos and files that you can access on all of your devices. These files also have sharing capabilities so that others can view and edit your document.

A common struggle when using OneDrive is that when someone attaches a document to a message and sends it to multiple accounts, and each user sends it back with different edits, the original sender now has multiple versions labelled ‘final copy’ that they need to consolidate. Another issue with this is that there is no security attached, so if the document ends up going to someone outside of the business, that person can also view, edit, and make copies.

Introducing our favourite solution... SharePoint! SharePoint is Microsoft’s cloud-based sharing and collaboration platform designed to streamline your team’s work. You can set up your businesses SharePoint sites so that every employee has a separate login, and different permissions to access and edit different data. For example, the Director would be able to view all documents, whereas someone from the Marketing team wouldn’t be able to access the HR folder.

In SharePoint, multiple people can collaborate on any document at any given time, without creating multiple alternate copies. A popular feature is SharePoint’s autosave capabilities- which takes away added stress and means you will always be accessing the most recent version of your file. And if someone accidentally shares a file with someone outside of your organisation who doesn’t have access to your SharePoint? No problem, they won’t be able to view the content anyway!

SharePoint works by using different datacentres to replicate information. When the command to add or delete a file is sent out over those datacentres, if a datacentre goes down, the others will be able to back it up.

So now you’re familiar with OneDrive and SharePoint, but have you heard of Acronis? Acronis is the software the backs up the aforementioned software. This means that if data is deleted from OneDrive or SharePoint, or if there was a virus or malware detected, Acronis has the information backed up separately, so if cloud-stored files are deleted, they can be retrieved.

To summarise, OneDrive is to be used at an individual level, SharePoint is for the company, and Acronis is to back them both up if something were to go wrong. We hope this break down has simplified cloud-based storage solutions for you.

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