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Quit wasting time at work | 5 benefits of automating workflows

According to ServiceNow, employees are spending up to 16 hours per week completing mundane administrative tasks. Not only is this a cost to your business, but it’s a lost opportunity for revenue growth and business development. 

So, what do you need? Digital workflow automation. Digital workflow automation is the configuration of your systems to be triggered to complete a work step action once another is finished, allowing a specific process to be completed routinely.

1. Greater quality of work

Once you’ve configured your systems to complete workflows, they are practically foolproof. This means you won’t need to worry about forgetting minor details, spelling mistakes or rushing to complete tasks resulting in messy work. 

2. Reduced wait times

Do you know who likes waiting? No one. Reduced wait times will benefit both your business and your clients. For example, a potential client has signed up via your website to receive your eBook. With an automated workflow in place, they will automatically receive it when they want it. For you, this means not having to remember to attach the eBook and send it personally hours later when you remember and have the chance. 

3. Minimal risk of human error

With the right workflows automated in your business, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff. Gathering client details, asking staff for medical certificates, creating a stationery order, all of which are traditionally painful processes can be simplified so your staff can focus on the stuff that matters.

4. More flexibility and task priority 

Building on our last point, now that staff won’t be kept up at night worrying “did I process that leave request,” they can focus on the tasks that matter. There will be a mass reduction in time spent on administrative tasks so that employees can focus on delivering their services. 

5. Staff can focus on completing billable work or upskilling

The bottom line is that companies with automation in place are SIX times more likely to see revenue growth of 15% +. At Myrtec, we believe this to be true because after configuring automated workflows for our clients, we see them having more time to focus on working directly with their clients or upskilling so they can produce even higher-value services.

So, there you have it! Our top 5 benefits of workflow automation. 

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