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IT Specialists with a Difference

Are you tired of your old software and systems that are lagging? Wishing you could upgrade but unsure where to start or even if your business could handle the downtime?

At Myrtec, we can help you.

We are a specialist provider of Managed IT and Cloud Services with a particular focus on changing the nature of IT delivery in Australia. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with top quality service from project start to delivery, continued to ongoing support.

We are a small team of technology experts who are fueled by our passion to see our clients succeed. We pride ourselves in working hard to assist our clients in meeting their objectives in the long-term. The results that we provide give them a competitive advantage because of their newfound modern approach to business.

We specialise in Cloud Computing, meaning we give our clients the option to use web-hosted remote network servers to store their files, data and software programs as opposed to storing all data on their computer. The benefits of this are inclusive of but not limited to; improving accessibility, reducing IT costs, increasing control of sensitive data, heightened flexibility, disaster recovery and improvement of overall business productivity.

We work hard to stay up to date with industry updates, so you don’t have to, always ensuring that our clients have access to top-of-the-line technology from our hardware and software vendors. Whether you’re simply interested in obtaining the latest technologies, or you wish to have a hand in managing all of your IT resources; we can help you implement consolidation and virtualization strategies that will enable your business to receive the highest possible return from your technological investments. Not only do we offer software installation and setup, but we also offer ongoing nurturement our clients with real-time support, training and workshop services.

Overall, we consistently help businesses achieve their goals by collaborating with staff and clients to keep them up to date with the technology that's the most efficient for their business, streamlining manual processes into automated workflows and being ready to offer support whenever you may need it.

If you’re interested in seeking a new IT provider who puts your businesses interests first, contact us today at