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How Your Office Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Following the celebration of World Earth Day last week, we thought now was the perfect time to put together a list of a few simple ways your office can environmentally friendly, and just more efficient in general.

1. Stop printing out paper to sign your documents,

Use Adobe’s Fill & Sign to easily (and virtually) sign documents whenever and wherever you need. This feature allows you to save your signature so it can be applied to any document. Not only does this save printing, but it also means that you can sign documents from wherever you are. 

2. Don’t print documents and take them home,

Save them into the cloud so you can read them on your device at home. If they’re personal documents, you can save them into your OneDrive, or if they are fit for team viewing, they can be saved into SharePoint. An added benefit of this is being able to access them on public transport, you can whip out your mobile or tablet device and start reading on the way home.

3. There’s no need to drive your car to a meeting,

Why not save the carbon emissions and host your next meeting on Microsoft Teams? The virtual meeting application will save you time, fuel, other travel-related expenses, and allow you to focus on getting straight back into work when the meetings over.

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