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How to Share Flows in Power Automate

Power Automate uses low-code, drag and drop tools to allow you to automate your mundane and repetitive tasks with ease.

Created a great flow using Power Automate? Ready to share it with other members of your team? Well, this blog is for you... because it's not as simple as simply clicking 'share.'

The share button in Power Automate only provides permission to another user to access your flow, and subsequently, if they try and use it, they'll be using (or editing) your flow. Not as intuitive as we would like...

The correct way to share a flow with another user so that they can use it as themselves is to use the 'send a copy' button. When you send a copy of a flow, it allows the other user to recreate it in their profile based on the Flow you had already created.
So, what then is the purpose of the Share button? Why would you give someone permission to your Flow? We can think of two key reasons:

  • 1.    To allow another user to see your Flow, and help you configure it or contribute their expertise to the Flow or process/functions contained within it.
  • 2.    To change the owner of the Flow.

When you create a Flow in Power Automate, it is in user context. If you wanted that Flow to work under a service account (i.e. an account that isn't allocated to a specific user), we have found that the best way to do it is to create the Flow as yourself, then use the share feature to make the service account the owner.
Once the service account is the owner (or co-owner), there are some things still required to finish the job such as updating the accounts being used for authentication. 
If you would like to know more about Power Automate or would like assistance with setting up Power Automate within your business, then please reach out to the team at Myrtec for a consultation.