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Hosted desktop - what’s in it for accountants

By Tristan Hough

One of the most important factors that consumers pay for nowadays is the accuracy, speed, and quality for a specific service. There are instances that accountants miss out on these aspects due to some issues with using their desktop accounting services.

The hosted desktop technology is being used by most organizations or individuals today.

This is a list of how accountants can overcome some of the most common problems to let them enter into a space of seamless accountancy:

Cash Flow – This means that if you are currently subscribed to a hosted desktop for your work, you can work on the basis of pay per month per user. This means that you will be able to manage your work tightly. This is important especially nowadays that clients are very careful with their cash flow. Also another benefit is that, in this way, you will only be paying for the service that you specifically need.

Security – When we deal with money, Security will always be an issue. When it comes to security, the hosting servers should at least be located on 2 secure locations. This is so that if in case you are not able to connect to a specific server, the provider can connect you to another one with the same information. Having your accounting data in a secured location with all the necessary physical security is a must.

Keeping hardware up to date – This is a must when you handle information using technology. Not only does the software update but also the hardware. Some software runs on a specific hardware this is the reason why you need to update your hardware too. With hosted desktop, accountants will not have to fret with regards to upgrading of the hardware since no massive physical equipment is set up at the user’s end. It’s all the responsibility of the service provider.

Operating Costs – Maintaining a server on site and having a team to handle this is a very costly affair. This option as you might have guessed is not a very sensible one. Now this is where hosted desktop comes in handy. Since most hosted desktop does not involve any physical hardware, there won’t be any operating costs. Imagine how much you can save up on this alone. All you need to pay for is a considerably low monthly rate for a remote access server which can work better than an in-house setup.

Accessibility – You will be able to access everything, anytime and anywhere. All you need is your login credentials and an internet connection. It’s as easy as that. This means that you can access your work while you are on vacation and won’t have to worry about not being able to open up files that are necessary.

Technical Support – Another great benefit of this service is that, you won’t ever have to worry about encountering an issue with the service. It’s what you are paying for; the provider solves all problems for you. This means that you need not worry about all the technical stuff on your end. It is advisable that you inquire from them as to what team strength they hold to support their services in round-the-clock mode.

Flexible Work Patterns – With this service, you will be able to work from the comforts of your own home. Going to the office too much of a hassle for you? Well this is the best way to go for you. This does not only mean that you can be more productive at work, it also means that you can save a lot of cost in going to the office. Let’s face it, gas is not for free.


Tristan Hough

Managing Director

With over ten years professional experience in both private and public organisations, Tristan provides consulting, project management and strategic planning services to a broad range of industries including financial, healthcare and legal.

Tristan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (IT Major) degree from Southern Cross University, as well as IT industry qualifications including MCSE, MCDBA and CCNA certifications.