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Getting in Early on EOFY Preparations

At Myrtec, we have functional processes in place that involve coordinating with other businesses. We aim to leave no room for error but relying on other businesses to complete core business processes means that some times distributors run out of stock, freight companies have delays and sometimes software does glitch. When these events occur, we work tirelessly to provide an alternative solution (even if that means delivering an order ourselves!).

As the EOFY begins to creep up on us (can you believe it?), we are reminded of previous trends where our customers try to procure new stock from us at the last minute. To make this year easier for everyone, we want to encourage our customers to place their orders early to avoid disappointment. 

Our suppliers are about to begin their busiest season of the year, which means there can be delays from freight companies, not enough stock on hand and people panicking and purchasing software that is not equipped to meet the needs of their business.

The best way to ensure that you are purchasing the technology that is right for you is to outsource consulting from an expert. While this may seem like an initial cost, getting recommendations on the right technology is invaluable. For example, you may have been looking at purchasing a particular device because of its storage capabilities, but a consultant may recommend for a business of your size to transfer to the cloud. 

Our best EOFY shopping tips:

  • Be prepared! EOFY always seems like it’s months away until suddenly it isn’t. Get organised and reap the benefits.
  • Don’t be too tempted by the sales and buy what seems cheap, speak to a consultant and purchase the technology that is right for your business
  • Try to purchase tech goods through a distributor, not wholesale, for better deals.

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