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Automated Workflows: Is Your Business Ready to Level Up?

Are you tired of wasting valuable time completing mundane administrative tasks? Sounds like your business is ready for workflow automation.

But what is workflow automation?

Automating workflows means to use technologies that utilise rule-based logic to automate the process of completing manual work. It is widely used for typically long-winded processes such as lead nurturing and data entry. The best part about workflow automation is that it reduces the risk of human error, saves time and money, and boosts efficiency.

What workflows can be automated?

More like, what can't be automated? Whether you want to simplify short processes such as sending follow up emails or sending forms to clients, or more complex processes like human resource management of marketing, it can be done.

Can you give us an example?

Sure. Let's say you have an employee who is responsible for gathering feedback from clients. First, they would need to talk to the service team and see what projects have been recently completed. Then they would need to gather the client's details, write an email to them and send them a form. Then, if they don't hear back, they would have to remember to send them a follow-up. Once the information is received, they would have to manually enter the details back into your system.

But, if you were to automate this workflow, you could use a program that would be triggered when someone from the service team completes a project, and it would automatically email the right client with a form. Should they not reply after a few days, it would automatically send the client a reminder to complete it. Once the client has filled in the form, the results would be available in your system and you'd receive a notification that they had been received. 

This has the potential to save hours of your employees time, who would now have more time to focus on productive tasks.

This sounds great! How can I get automated workflows for my business?

Here at Myrtec, our expert team of technology consultants configure them! We are currently offering 365 for You plans which include:

- Consultation and scoping - we will review where you are at with technology and work with you to decide what automated workflows would benefit your business
- SharePoint migration - we will migrate all of your data into SharePoint, our preferred cloud-hosted document management system
- Automated workflows time - our experts will configure your workflows, ensuring that they are user-friendly
- Workshop and training - we will give your entire business a training workshop so that they understand how to effectively use, and manage their automated workflows

If you want to find out more about automated workflows, or our 365 for You plans, see here:

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