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A lot to like about AO Docs

I like technologies that add value in the background without too much end user change management. Particularly in the area of document management, which for most employees is not high on their priority list of things to do or their KPIs for that matter. 

So with AO Docs there is no huge adjustment with how they work with documents in Google Drive,  just what they can do based on policies and workflows that are enforced through the folder structure. 

AO Docs integrates with Google Apps and extends the permission model of Google Drive. A central user, the AODocs user, owns all files managed by the AODocs software.

Through this method, the software is able to apply fine-grained workflow-based permissions to your documents. In addition, all activities are stored as part of an audit log.

I think that is a lot of gain for very little pain, both from an end user perspective and for the value it can deliver to a Google Apps based organisation with better information management, compliance and security. 

AO Docs pricing is US$ 6 per user per month. When you consider it is delivering many of the features and outcomes of traditional EDRMS at a fraction of the price it is well worth a look. 


by Andrew James