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5 Benefits of Workflow Software

By Tristan Hough

The most common motivation in implementing job management or workflow management usually comes from the impact it has in the organizational productivity. An example of this is improved administration efficiencies, reduced paperwork, cost-effective systems and improved financial visibility, to name a few.

All these benefits are only a few examples for you and your employees. These will make a huge impact on how you run a successful and efficient running business.This process does not only affect you internally, it will also improve customer service and ultimately increased customer retention and referrals.

Here are 5 ways job management software like WorkflowMax will also help boost your business reputation with customers:

     1.  Accurate Quotes

By producing accurate quotes it will increase the positive experience of the prospect or customers from the beginning. By analysing and getting the specifics of each tasks, you will be able to get a clear idea of how long a certain task will take. Therefore giving you a good idea of how much you need to charge your customer.

With this information, not only will you produce more accurate quotes, you will also be able to properly explain this to the customer. This way, your clients can budget accordingly, and you'll no longer run the risk of damaging customer relationships with unexpected project blow-outs or forgotten expenses.

Your customers will also be impressed on how fast you can provide them with beautifully professional quotes.

     2.  Total Transparency

Have you experienced receiving an invoice and wondered what you were paying for? These vague and generalised pricing and cost categories are likely to raise suspicion with cautious clients. Another thing, without accurate records, how can you explain your bill when it's called into question?

You can always choose the details you provide in your invoice. By tracking your hours and expenses through a project management software, you will be able to provide your customers with the info they want when they want it. This way, clients will trust you with the transparency on their invoices.

Job management software like WorkflowMax allows your team to track their work time directly against the job.. This functionality means there will no longer be guesswork when it comes to billing. You will be able to provide a detailed trail of how much time was actually spent on a specific project. Aside from how much time it took to finish a specific project, you should be able to display in your invoice the expenses and purchase orders.

     3.  Improved Service Delivery

Your customers will also be able to benefit from the flow-on effect of improved business processes using job management software. Using a job management application helps you reduce the likelihood of a breakdown in communication and improves your ability to expedite necessary tasks by instantly assigning them to the right person.

     4. Improved Communications

Job management software like WorkflowMax will allow your employees to collaborate easily with projects and keep them up to date with the progress and changes made. Anyone with access will be able to view all the specific information like due dates, notes, milestones, workloads, and emails.

This is also one way to update your customers with what’s happening with the project. No matter who they contact, you always keep them updated without them having to chase you.

      5. Added Value

WorkflowMax can help you out in many ways for you to provide added value to your customers.

WorkflowMax’s Reporting Functionality will allow you to create customer reports. In turn this provides you with the raw data you can use to gain more insight of your own business.

Using client login options, you can give your client direct access to project details and progress. This lets them log in using their own device and instantly view the status and project updates of their job. As a client, this transparency can often be a huge selling point.

For a lot of businesses, using a client management system that helps you keep all client information in one place means that they will be able to provide their customers with the best, personalised service for their clients.

Not only will you be able to keep a record history, imagine being able to greet your clients a happy birthday and talk small talk about their favorite team.

We could go on about benefits job management system such as WorkflowMax will bring to your business, but what’s more interesting is the improved customer experience you will be able to provide using this system.

The Transition

As you are upgrading your system with WorkflowMax you will also need someone to support you with the transition. Changes in the company can disrupt the productivity of its employees. This can be very confusing for everyone in the organization. Myrtec can assist with WorkflowMax implementations across a range of sectors, but from past experience it works best in the Professional services, engineering, creatives and consultants that work through larger project based or retainer based agreements.


Tristan Hough

Managing Director

With over ten years professional experience in both private and public organisations, Tristan provides consulting, project management and strategic planning services to a broad range of industries including financial, healthcare and legal.

Tristan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (IT Major) degree from Southern Cross University, as well as IT industry qualifications including MCSE, MCDBA and CCNA certifications.