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Backup and Recovery Approaches Using Amazon Web Services

To back up information and files for recovery is a significant for the success of one’s business. This means that all the important information is safe. The AWS platform allows you an easier approach to backup and recovery due to the following:

  • Computers are now virtual abstract resources instantiated via code rather than being hardware-based.
  • Capacity is available at incremental cost rather than up-front cost.
  • Resource provisioning takes place in minutes, lending itself to real-time configuration.
  • Server “images” are available on-demand, can be maintained by an organization, and can be activated immediately.

This service offers you opportunities to recover deleted or corrupted data with fewer infrastructures overhead.

This paper is intended to describe some of the high-level concepts you can leverage to deliver less complex, easy to use data backup and recovery capabilities.

Protecting configuration rather than the data itself

This service allows you back up and recover of a standard server, such as a web server or application server, so that you can focus on protecting configuration and stateful data—rather than the server itself. This change of approach means that regular nightly incremental or weekly full backups can take far less time and consume less storage space.

Self-Configuring Instances – Creating Flexibility and Deployment Options

Because you can start and stop instances at will, and have different versions of an application running concurrently, you can leverage more sophisticated and flexible deployment options. The self-configuration of instances enables you to implement techniques such as rolling-upgrades and A/B testing in the environment.

This approach also imparts you with a successful way to “design for failure,” which is one of the key design pattern when deploying distributed systems at scale. Because you can automatically replace components at will, unexpected failures will not affect production and services.

Backup and Recovery of the Amazon Machine Image

Backing up Amazon Machine image is an important part of this service. This means that the storage mechanism is protected from unexpected errors or failures. The new AMI is then stored in a second account and is an independent copy of your original AMI. Of course, you can also create multiple copies of the AMI within the same account.

Aside these basic concepts, they also give data with alternatives to backing up static content like amazon EBS and other backup and recovery integration points, namely, Oracle backup.


The AWS offers us a very wide range of options for new and more flexible options for infrastructure configuration that will allow a far more efficient and cost effective backup and recovery for clients. By upgrading certain processes from current legacy approach to this state of the art approach, you can successfully avoid any problems with regards to backup and recovery for your applications while reducing backup infrastructure and complexity.

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