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Fan Page or Groups? How to Choose the Best Facebook Application for Business

With social media becoming increasingly popular as a communication medium, online marketers and businesses have opted to engage themselves in social media platforms like Facebook.  Facebook has two known applications which businesses can utilize in marketing their products and services - groups pages and fan pages. But which among these two avenues best suits your business and could give you the best results in terms of conversion and traffic?
Catroina Pollard, the founder and director of CP Communications, discussed about the difference between Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Groups in a recent Dynamic Business blog. In this article, Catroina higlights the following disparities:

  • A Facebook group entitles individuals of the same ideas to share alike information based on a specific topic.
  • A Facebook fan page gives businesses, organisations and celebrities the opportunity to promote themselves and at the same time keep in touch with their fans or customers.

That is, if you want to keep closely in touch with your potential customers, a group better serves your purpose, however a fan page is more appropriate if your main goal is to market and promote your business.
There are a number of reasons why creating a fan page is more effective:
1) It works just like an individual Facebook account where updates can be seen and shared (photos, links, status messages, etc), fans can comment on posts and depending on the fan page owner - fans can post on the page's wall too. The latter idea can further create discussions between the owner and the fans which is a great way to build rapport with your prospective clients.
2) It can be personally customised by using static FBML.
3) It can reach a broader audience and can be accessed by search engines unlike a Facebook group. This means that there's a greater chance of traffic and conversion if marketing is done effectively.
While these two major Facebook applications are alike in many ways, it is worth some careful consideration to determine which is going to be the best option for your business.